Top Dog Breeds Currently Loved Across America

As America's #1 dogs for years running, these medium-sized mixed breed rescues win fans with adaptability. 

 Family Mixes  

America embraces eager-to-please Black, Yellow and Chocolate Labrador Retrievers as the #1 pedigreed pups coast-to-coast.  

 Friendly Labs  

 Highly capable yet goofy Golden Retrievers rank among the top choices thanks to intelligence, trainability and disposition.

Joyful Goldens  

With comical smushed faces and smiles, French Bulldogs increasingly hit A-list status from California to Manhattan as apartment pets. 

 Entertaining Frenchies 

 As an ancient Chinese breed, Chow Chows' lion-like manes and attitudes find fans desiring clam yet loyal protections. 

Distinctive Chow Chows   

 The cute, little livestock herders Pembroke Welsh Corgis win over online shares thanks to iconic rear ends and lively spirits.  

Adorable Corgis

Despite large, intimidating frames, silly stubborn Boxers make famously affectionate companions under the clownish exteriors.  

Brave Boxers   

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