Top Cat Breeds For First-time Owners

Siamese cats adapt well to new people and environments. Though vocal, they form a close bond with their owners. 


Sweet-tempered Ragdoll cats are very affectionate and laid-back. They get along well with other pets and are a low-maintenance long-haired breed.


Smart, quiet Russian Blue cats are highly adaptable and get attached to their owners. 

Russian Blue

Maine Coon cats have an agreeable, friendly nature that makes them a reliable first breed pick, though their long hair requires weekly brushing.  

Maine Coo

Abyssinians are moderately active with a loyal personality. They adjust well to new homes and can learn tricks, but do need lots of playtime.


Bombay cats are affectionate, gentle pets that take well to handling. Their short black coat sheds minimally and requires little upkeep.  


Hairless Sphynx cat breeds will reward new owners' attention with cuddly affection. Keep in mind they need regular baths as they lack a fur coat.


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