Top Cat Behavior Problems and Solutions 

Ensure clean, easily accessed litter boxes. Try different litters. Clean soiled areas thoroughly with enzymatic cleaner. Don't punish accidents. 

Litter Box Avoidance

Neuter/spay cats. Slowly introduce new pets, use calming aids during visits. Never physically punish aggression, redirect to toys instead.


Provide scratching posts, reward using them, trim claws regularly, use sticky tape or aluminum foil on off-limit areas. Don't declaw.

Scratching Issues

Address underlying issues like boredom. Provide interactive toys and playtime. Ignore attention-seeking meows.

Excessive Meowing

Feed cats separately, pick up food bowls promptly, block access to countertops or trash. Use meal puzzles to slow fast eaters.  

Food Stealing

Neuter/spay cats. Clean soiled areas thoroughly. Reduce stress and anxiety. Try synthetic pheromones.

Furniture Spraying

Increase daytime play and feeding. Ignore nighttime activity seeking attention. Limit naps and dark areas during day.

Nighttime Activity

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