Top 8 Tiny Dog Breeds

Weighing 6-13 lbs, the monkey-like Affenpinscher comes out as the 8th littlest breed.


A curly white powder puff, the Bichon Frise averages under 12 lbs of playful fluff.

Bichon Frise 

Ten inches tall and weighing just 8-11 lbs, the Toy Fox Terrier claims spot #6.  

Toy Fox Terrier

With an average weight of 5-10 pounds, the butterfly-eared Papillon flies into the top 5 smallest.


This popular fluffy furball averages 3-7 lbs despite its bold, larger than life personality.


In its tiny toy iteration, Poodles measure under 10 inches and weigh 6-9 lbs.  

Poodle (Toy)   

The supreme tiny tandem, Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas share the win as smallest breeds.


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