Top 8 Small Dogs For Apartments

Playful, loving French Bulldogs require minimal exercise and their silly antics thrive in apartments.  

French Bulldog

Affectionate, friendly Havanese only weigh up to 16 lbs and love being loyal lap dogs.


Clever Brussels Griffon’s tiny 10 lb frame houses a huge personality perfect for city spaces.

Brussels Griffon  

At under 16 lbs, sweet Shih Tzus bond deeply with owners while requiring minimal activity.

Shih Tzu

Charming, mischievous Pugs weigh 15-20 pounds and need only short daily walks.


Smart, eager to please Poodles come in toy size at under 10 lbs ideal for apartments.  


Elite apartment dogs, the tiny Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese require little space and exercise.  

Yorkie & Maltese

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