Top 8 Largest Felines 

Weighing up to 900 lbs, the Liger is the largest feline in the world. It's a hybrid crossbreed of a male lion and female tiger.


Siberian Tigers measure up to 10 ft long and weigh over 600 lbs. Known for their sheer size and predatory power, they are the heaviest tiger subspecies.  

Siberian Tigers

The Lion is the second largest cat averaging 400-500 lbs for males. Their muscular build allows them to take down massive prey


Jaguars can reach 300 lbs with very stocky, muscular frames. They have the strongest bite force of any feline relative to their size.


Also called pumas or mountain lions, these stealth hunters are 7-8 ft long and weigh 140-200 lbs. 

Mountain lions

Leopards are opportunistic, powerful hunters reaching 6 ft long and 200 lbs. Their strength allows them to carry prey twice their weight up trees.


Similar to leopards, panthers are aggressive predators that average 5-6 feet long and 120-200 lbs. 


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