Top 7 Unique Bobtail Cat Breeds

Originating from Japan, the Japanese Bobtail is a lively and intelligent cat with a short, expressive tail. Adored for its friendly nature.

Japanese Bobtail

Hailing from the Isle of Man, the Manx cat is tailless or has a short tail. Known for being sociable and adaptable, it makes an excellent family pet.


The American Bobtail boasts a wild appearance and a short, tufted tail. These cats are playful, affectionate, and known for forming strong bonds with their owners.

American Bobtail

With a bobbed tail and a distinctive spotted coat, the Pixie-Bob resembles a wild bobcat. These cats are known for their dog-like loyalty and intelligence.


Originating from the Kuril Islands, this cat has a unique pom-pom tail. The Kurilian Bobtail is known for its love of water and gentle demeanor.

Kurilian Bobtail

A long-haired variation of the Manx, the Cymric has a lush coat and a tailless or short tail. These cats are known for their playful and affectionate nature.


While not a bobtail, the American Curl is recognized for its distinctive curled-back ears. This breed is known for its friendly and sociable personality.

American Curl

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