Top 7 Tips To Introduce Your Pup to Other Pets

Meet on neutral ground like a park or quiet outdoor space. This reduces territorial behavior and allows them to sniff each other out comfortably.

Neutral Territory First

Let them exchange scents by holding leashes loosely and allowing them to sniff each other's backsides and legs. Keep introductions calm and avoid direct face-to-face contact.

Scent Swap & Slow Greetings

If both pets show positive signs like wagging tails and relaxed postures, allow supervised playtime, starting with short interactions and gradually increasing duration. 

Gradual Playtime

Reward both pets with treats for calm and friendly interactions. This reinforces positive behavior and builds positive associations with each other.

Treats for Good Behavior

Give each pet their own space, food bowls, and toys. Respect their individual needs and preferences to avoid competition or resource guarding.

Respecting Boundaries

Once comfortable, allow supervised cuddle sessions on neutral ground. Watch for body language and be ready to separate them if needed. 

Supervised Snuggles

Be patient, consistent, and positive throughout the process. Celebrate successes and address any issues calmly and with gentle redirection.

Patience & Positive Reinforcement

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