Top 7 Tips for Socializing Your Pup

Start exposing your puppy to new sights, sounds, and people between 3-12 weeks old. This builds confidence and prevents future fear or anxiety.

Early & Often

Supervised playdates with other well-socialized puppies are perfect for learning doggy etiquette and fostering healthy interactions.

Puppy Playgroup Pals

Introduce your pup to friendly adult dogs in controlled settings. Observe their body language and provide ample treats and praise for positive interactions. 

Four-Legged Friendships

Meet different people, from children to elderly folks, in calm environments. Encourage gentle greetings and reward your pup for staying calm and friendly. 

Human Hugs & Happy Trails

Take your pup on short outings to expose them to everyday sights and sounds, like car horns, busy streets, and public transportation.

Urban Adventures

Reward your pup for calm and curious behavior during new experiences. This builds confidence and encourages exploration.

Treat Time Training

Always monitor interactions and be prepared to step in if any discomfort arises. Provide your pup with quiet spaces to retreat and de-stress after socialization sessions.

Respect & Relaxation

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