Top 7 Tips for Keeping Cats Happy & Healthy

Pick high quality cat foods appropriate for age and activity level. Hydration is vital - use fountains if cat hesitant on water.   

Nutrition First 

Rotate new toys to prevent boredom. Ensure ample cat trees, scratchers and private sanctuaries to thrive indoors.  

Enrichment Fun  

Wellness checks spot early signs of disease. Keep vaccines and medications like flea/tick preventatives current per vet advice.

Annual Vet Visits   

Regular nail trims prevent injuries. Brush longer haired cats lightly weekly to prevent hairballs and skin irritation.  

Grooming Care

 Limit changes and loud noise that stresses cats. Diffuse cat calming pheromones during storms, parties or construction.   

Reduce Stressors 

Recognize baseline eating, sleeping, playing, vocalizing patterns to better detect concerning behavior differences signalling illness. 

Know Their Normal  

Prepare go bag with medical records, meds list, towel lined carrier in case urgent vet visit needed. Know 24/7 ER number.

Emergency Ready  

Orange Cat Breeds Known for Vibrant Coats