Top 7 Tips for Exercising Your Puppy

Before embarking on your exercise adventure, ensure your pup has a full belly. A well-fueled pup has more energy to play and explore.

Fuel Up for Fun

 Start with short strolls and gradually increase duration and distance as your puppy grows. Let them sniff and explore, making walks a sensory adventure.

Walk This Way

Interactive play sessions are essential for burning energy and bonding with your pup. Fetch, tug-of-war, and chasing bubbles are just a few ideas.

Playtime Paradise

Keep those puppy minds sharp with engaging activities. Hide treats, play fetch with food puzzles, or teach basic commands. A tired pup is a good pup.

Brain Games

Socialization is crucial for well-rounded development. Let your pup play with other dogs in safe, controlled environments like puppy parks.

Puppy Parks and Pals

Engage your pup's natural instincts with sniffing games. Hide treats in the garden or create a scent trail for them to follow.

Sniffing Safari

Puppies need plenty of sleep to grow and develop. Provide them with cozy beds and quiet spaces to rest after playtime.

Rest and Recharge

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