Top 7 Surprising Things Your Dog Can Sense

Dogs possess an incredible sense of empathy. They can pick up on their owner's emotions, offering comfort during difficult times.


Dogs can sense changes in your health. Some canines have been trained to alert their owners to impending medical issues, like seizures or low blood sugar.

Health Changes

Dogs showcase an uncanny ability to sense natural disasters. Their heightened senses enable them to detect changes in atmospheric pressure or vibrations.

Natural Disasters

Dogs can sense pregnancy. Changes in hormonal levels and scent might make them more attentive and protective towards expectant mothers.


Dogs sense fear in humans and other animals. Their keen perception allows them to respond and offer support when their owners are uneasy.


Dogs can anticipate the arrival of visitors. They may exhibit excitement or alertness before someone approaches, showcasing their keen sense of anticipation.

Approaching Visitors

Surprisingly, some dogs can sense earthquakes before they happen. Changes in the Earth's magnetic field or subtle vibrations alert them to imminent seismic activity.

Seismic Activity

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