Top 7 Rarest Cat Coat Colors and Patterns 

 A dilute version of seal point Siamese coloring resulting in a frosty pinky gray fur. 

Lavender Coat  

Rich reddish brown colored coat even rarer than typical red tabby cats much coveted.

Cinnamon Cats  

A rare brownish hue version of seal point coloring seen occasionally in Orientals. 

Chocolate Coloring  

Frosty gray with pinkish tone is genetically possible but seldom seen dilute of chocolate brown.   

Lilac Fur  

Extremely rare due to color gene location on XX sex chromosomes but happens occasionally.

Calico Males  

Distinctive chalk white body fur with fox red tail and head markings.  

Turkish Vans  

Rare variations on Himalayan marked pattern with darker extreme points than typical Siamese.  

Pointed Coats 

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