Top 7 Puppy Behaviors to Correct Early On

Use redirection and yelps to teach your puppy that mouthing is never acceptable, even in play. Offer chew toys instead.

Biting and Mouthing

Ignore jumping puppies completely. Only give attention and treats when all four paws are on the floor to reinforce good manners.  


Ensure your puppy's needs are met to reduce barking demands. Reward quiet moments and disregard barking.

Demand Barking

Teach your puppy "place" and don't share food from the table or give in to begging behaviors.


Say "ouch!" dramatically and ignore nippy puppies briefly. Redirect their energy into a toy to chew instead of hands.

Puppy Biting

Prevent separation anxiety by gradually increasing alone time and keeping arrivals/departures low-key.

Separation Anxiety

Stick to a consistent potty schedule and always praise and reward desired elimination outdoors. Never punish accidents.

Potty Training 

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