Top 7 Fascinating Facts About White Cats

White cats hold a special place in our hearts with their pure, glistening fur. Whether majestic Persians or playful Turkish Angoras, their snowy coats instantly captivate.

Snow-Kissed Beauties

While some may assume white cats are albino, they're not! Albinism affects melanin production, resulting in pink skin, pale eyes, and white fur.

Not All Albino

White cats boast a dazzling array of eye colors. From mesmerizing blue to captivating green and even striking gold, their eyes add a touch of magic to their snowy splendor.

Eye-conic Colors

Sadly, due to the same gene responsible for white fur and blue eyes, some white cats experience varying degrees of deafness.

The Deafness Dilemma

In ancient Egypt, they were revered as sacred creatures, while Japanese folklore considers them symbols of good luck and fortune.

Royalty in Robes

While their coats may be dazzling, white cats are more susceptible to sunburn. Protect your sun-loving feline with sunscreen and shady spots, especially on their ears and nose.

Sun Seekers

Double coats, common in breeds like Maine Coons or Siberian Forests, need regular brushing to prevent matting. A weekly grooming session keeps your white beauty fluffy and healthy.

Double Care

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