Top 7 Facts Of Scottish Deerhound

Standing tall and noble, the Scottish Deerhound is a canine monument to Scotland's rugged beauty. These gentle giants now captivate hearts with their calm demeanor and graceful.

Scottish Spirit

Scottish Deerhounds possess a surprisingly gentle soul. They bond deeply with their families, showering them with affection and playful moments.

Gentle Giant

Scottish Deerhounds have a powerful hunting heritage, evident in their long limbs and swift reflexes. But their ideal pace today is a leisurely stroll alongside their human pack.

Built for Speed

Providing ample space is key to a Deerhound's well-being. A fenced-in yard or regular access to open fields allows them to express their instincts through playful sprints. 

Room to Roam

Maintaining your Deerhound's regal appearance is surprisingly fuss-free. Their rough coat requires only occasional brushing to remove debris and keep it healthy. 

Easy Elegance

Scottish Deerhounds are intelligent but independent thinkers. Training them requires patience, positive reinforcement, and a fun approach.

Gentle Training

With an average lifespan of 10-12 years, a Scottish Deerhound fills your life with unwavering devotion and playful antics.

Loyal Companion

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