Top 7 Facts Of Collie Secrets

Collies form deep bonds with their humans and crave companionship. They're devoted friends who love spending time with their loved ones.

Loyal Hearts

Bred for herding, Collies may try to herd children, pets, or even objects around the house. Provide positive outlets for this instinct, like herding games or classes. 

Herding Instincts

Collies need daily exercise to stay happy and healthy. Think of long walks, hikes, or games of fetch to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

Exercise Needs

Collies are known for their gentle and loving personalities. They're great with children and make wonderful family dogs. 

Gentle Nature

Their thick double coats require regular brushing to prevent matting. Plan for weekly brushing sessions to keep their fur looking its best.

Grooming Time

Collies can be vocal, especially when alerting to potential threats or when bored. Early training can help manage excessive barking.

Barking Alert

With their intelligence, loyalty, and gentle nature, Collies make exceptional companions for those who can provide the exercise, training, and love they need.

Faithful Companions

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