Top 7 facts about Khao Manee

Khao Manee cats originated hundreds of years ago as temple cats residing in Buddhist temples of Thailand before becoming a unique breed.

Native to Thailand  

Khao Manees feature a beautiful, striking pure white coat even as mature cats due to selective breeding. 

White Coat  

Odd-eyed Khao Manees frequently have one blue eye and one golden eye though coat color remains purely snow white. 

Mismatched Eyes 

Khao Manee cats display excellent problem-solving smarts allowing them to figure out puzzles, tricks and more.

 Highly Intelligent

 An easygoing empathic disposition makes Khao Manees attentive therapy cats and perfect apartment pets.  

Calm Temperament

Khao Manees tend to bond deeply and exclusively with a favorite caretaker dedicating themselves to an individual.  

Loyal Companions

Despite a graceful appearance, Khao Manee cats maintain a sense of fun and retain kitten-like playfulness into adulthood.

 Playful Spirit

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