Top 7 Facts About French Bulldogs

Descending from toy English bulldogs, early Frenchies gained fame assisting Parisian cab drivers with herding/guarding horses in the 1800s.

 Parisian Past  

Frenchies sport trademark bat ears not just for style but also efficiency in body heat dispersal since they don't pant as effectively due to short noses.

Cooling Ears

 Male Frenchies frequently require artificial insemination to successfully impregnate females due to anatomical challenges with physical mating.  

Artificial Insemination

Over 80% of litters delivered require costly cesarean sections due to Frenchies' disproportionate head/body ratios obstructing births.

Caesarean Births   

French Bulldog ownership boomed over the past decade with their 2020 popularity rank becoming #4 compared to a ranking of #21 back in 2009.

Quickly Rising Popularity  

Between purchase prices often over $2000 to routine vet bills and grooming, lifetime costs of owning a Frenchie often exceed $40,000.


Between silly smushed faces, snorting and playful personalities, Frenchies own big clown reputations in petite yet muscular bodies.  

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