Top 7 Facts About Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas trace back to an ancient Techichi breed kept by Toltecs and Aztecs in Mexico prior to the conquests by Spanish settlers bringing them overseas.

Techichi Roots  

While standards dictate no more than 6 pounds and 5-8 inches tall, teeny tiny 2 pound Chihuahuas hold records as smallest dogs ever according to Guinness.

World's Smallest Dogs   

With robust genes and some lucky breaks, Chihuahuas frequently reach ages over 15 years, sometimes surpassing 20 year lifespans.

Exceptionally Long Lives

People often misspell Chihuahuas as Chiwawas, Chiwauwas, ChiWaWas or Chiwahwahs before mastering this tongue-twisting name.

Name Game  

In 2011, a Chihuahua named Tinkerbell in England gave birth to 10 puppies, breaking the prior world record at the time for the breed.  

Huge Litters  

While debates exist on origins, most experts classify naturally evolved Chihuahuas as among the oldest breeds thanks to evidence tracing back hundreds of years before extensive interbreeding.

Man Made Breed

Weighing under 6 pounds fully grown, pint-sized Chihuahuas flaunt attitudes and behaviors belying their tiny statures.

Big Dog Attitudes   

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