Top 7 Easiest Dogs to Own

Playful, patient companions, French Bulldogs require occasional brushing and thrive in any home needing minimal space and exercise.

French Bulldog

Though quick runners, retired racing Greyhounds make famously lazy house pets requiring modest activity levels and grooming.  


Friendly apartment-dwellers, Boston Terriers sport easy-care coats alongside energetic yet calm indoor dispositions.

Boston Terrier

Bold and alert, fox-like Shiba Inus stay tidy with weekly brushes thanks to their short double-coat shedding just twice annually.   

Shiba Inu  

Diminutive white bundles of affection, tidy short-haired Maltese thrive indoors alongside adults in smaller living spaces.


Sweet-tempered royalty, the Cavalier's silky coat needs occasional grooming to maintain its refined elegant visage.  

Cavalier K. Spaniel   

Additional less demanding dogs include Beagles, Pugs, Whippets and Chihuahuas suiting many novices and BUSY owners well.

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