Top 7 Dog Communication Gestures

Tail wagging is the most recognizable dog communication gesture. It signifies excitement, happiness, and friendliness. A wagging tail with a loose body indicates a positive mood.

Tail Wagging

Lip licking is a subtle appeasement gesture in dogs. It's a way for them to signal submission or calmness. This cue helps in creating a positive environment for your furry friend.

Lip Licking

The paw raise is a charming gesture dogs use to seek attention or express friendliness. It's a non-threatening way for them to communicate and engage with humans or other dogs.

Paw Raise

Dog ear positioning conveys a lot about their emotions. Erect ears indicate alertness, while flattened ears suggest fear or submission. 

Ear Positioning

Dogs often use this pose during social interactions, signaling their playful intentions and ensuring a harmonious environment.

Play Bow

Whining is a vocalization dogs use to communicate various needs. It could indicate excitement, anxiety, or a desire for attention. 


A slow blink is a sign of trust and relaxation in dogs. When your dog gives you a slow blink, reciprocate to strengthen the bond. 

Slow Blinking

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