Top 7 Dog Breeds That Drool the Most

Their large jowls and lovable demeanor contribute to their drooling tendency, making them a delightful but slobbery addition to families seeking a giant and affectionate companion.

Saint Bernards

English Bulldogs, with their distinctive wrinkled face, are known for their endearing but excessive drooling.

English Bulldogs

Bloodhounds, with their exceptional tracking abilities, are among the dog breeds that drool excessively.


Newfoundlands, known for their water rescue skills, are gentle giants that also happen to be heavy droolers.


Their loose skin and unique anatomy contribute to their drooling tendencies, adding character to their appearance but requiring some extra care from their owners.

Basset Hounds

Their energetic and affectionate personality, potential owners should be aware of their drooling tendencies, especially during exciting moments or when anticipating a treat.


Their loose lips and large jowls contribute to their slobbery habits, making them a choice for those who can appreciate their gentle giant status and don't mind a bit of drool.


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