Top 7 Canine Submissiveness Behaviors

A low, slow tail wag signals submission in dogs. The nuances of tail language helps interpret your dog's emotional state and communication.

Tail Wagging

Dogs may lift a paw when feeling submissive. It's a gentle and vulnerable gesture, expressing trust and a desire for a positive interaction.

Paw Lifting

A dog lowers its body, it's a clear submissive stance. This behavior conveys deference and a willingness to yield to a more dominant individual.

Lowering Body

Submissive dogs often avoid direct eye contact. This behavior shows respect and acknowledges the other party's authority in the social hierarchy.

Avoiding Eye Contact

Rolling over, exposing the belly, is a submissive act. It demonstrates trust and vulnerability, indicating a desire for a peaceful interaction.

Rolling Over

Pinned-back ears are a submissive gesture in dogs. It signals a non-confrontational attitude and a willingness to yield to a more dominant presence.

Ears Pinned Back

Lip licking is a calming signal and a submissive behavior. Dogs use this gesture to diffuse tension and convey a non-threatening demeanor.

Lip Licking

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