Top 7 Biggest Dog Breeds

One of the most massive breeds, English Mastiffs can reach 220 pounds thanks to their giant head and stocky build.

English Mastiff  

This gentle giant is perhaps the tallest breed, with some males exceeding 30 inches tall at the shoulder.

Great Dane

Known for rescue work, Saint Bernards weigh up to 180 pounds aided by their thick furry coat and sturdy structure. 

Saint Bernard

Another heavy-duty working breed, the Newfoundland has webbed feet and a waterproof coat weighing around 150 pounds.


Turkish guard dogs, Anatolian Shepherds possess large muscular frames reaching 110 pounds and standing over 2 feet tall.   

Anatolian Shepherd

This German lion-inspired breed lives up to 10 years, weighing up to 170 pounds thanks to their muscular build.


Additional plus-sized breeds include Neapolitan Mastiffs, Scottish Deerhounds, Irish Wolfhounds and Kangal Dogs.

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