Tips to Stop Your Dog from Excessive Digging

Bored dogs dig. Ensure your dog gets adequate walks, playtime, and mental enrichment. A tired dog digs less.


Provide balls, chew toys, treat puzzles outside to entertain your dog in the yard instead of digging.

Backyard Toys

Train a strong "leave it" command. Use positive reinforcement like treats to redirect digging behavior.

Obedience Training   

 Install secure, partially buried fencing or pavers to block access to favorite digging areas.

Dog-Proof Fencing

Place unpleasant textures like chicken wire, thorny branches or black plastic over areas to discourage digging.  


"Treat" dispensing toys keep dogs engaged for hours. Use when you're away to prevent boredom digging.

 Interactive Toys

 Allow digging in one approved spot by filling it with loose dirt or sand. Supervise use.

Designated Digging Pit  

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