Tips to Stop Your Cats from Fighting

Slowly introduce cats over days to weeks so they can become comfortable with each other's scents before meeting.

Slow Introductions   

Separate fighting cats immediately into their own "safe" rooms until they calm down.

Separate Them  

Distract fighting cats with toys that spark playful "hunting" energy instead of aggression.

Redirect Energy

Try synthetic feline pheromones like Feliway to help calm tensions between feuding cats.

Use Pheromones  

Provide multiple litter boxes, food/water bowls, perches, etc so cats don't have to compete.

Adequate Resources

Use treats and toys to redirect inappropriate chasing and pouncing between cats.

Discourage Chasing

Ask your vet for additional advice if cats remain hostile, stop using shared litter box, hide frequently or seem stressed.

Consult Your Vet  

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