Tips to Stop Cat Urinating on Carpet & Floors

Get senior cats examined to rule out incontinence, arthritis, UTIs and kidney issues leading to accidents.  


Add extra litter boxes so there's one per floor. Scoop 2x daily. Try different litters to tempt picky cats.  

Litter Quantity  

 Mix cat attractant sprays and powders into litter to entice appropriate elimination spot.


Use enzyme cleaners on soiled carpet and floors to fully erase urine smells and deter repeat events.  

 Enzyme Cleaners  

Temporary medications help recalibrate habits in stubborn cases by adjusting cat's urine pH sensing.

Pee Meds

Plug in feline appeasing pheromone diffusers to reduce overall environmental stress factors.

Diffusers Help

Use baby gates to restrict access to frequently soiled carpeted rooms when unsupervised until resolving causes.

 Block Access

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