Tips to Keep Your Cat from Scratching

Trim your cat's claws regularly to remove sharp points. Take care not to cut the quick. This reduces damage from scratches. 

Trim Claws

Provide sturdy scratching posts around your home. Praise and reward your cat for using them. Catnip can entice scratching posts over furniture.


When you catch your cat scratching furniture, interrupt the behavior with a loud noise. Redirect to a post and reward with treats when they scratch appropriately. 


Apply double sided tape or aluminum foil temporarily to furniture you want to deter scratching. The sticky or unappealing texture can discourage scratching.


Spray citrus scented oils on furniture to deter scratching. Cats dislike the strong citrus smell. Reapply regularly. 


Try synthetic pheromone sprays or diffusers to calm your cat and reduce scratching urges. Consult your vet for pheromone recommendations.


For stubborn scratchers, cover nails with soft plastic caps that block damage but allow natural scratching behavior.


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