Staying Focused on Work with Cat at Home

Set up desk area baseboards, shelving barriers with cardboard, foam boards to firmly block access forcing respect of your work zone. 

Designate Workspace  

Make time for consistent daily interactive play periods before/after work shifts to help satisfy activity needs so less pestering during.   

Play Sessions  

Automated puzzle treat balls limit begging by slowly dispersing portioned dry food over time to replicate natural hunting behaviors. 

Puzzle Feeders

Stash catnip toys right outside workspace doors and use for short playful distraction intervals directing pesky pleading away from devices. 

Offer Catnip Breaks  

Mild static mats trigger “ouch” sensors when stepped on placing around workstations to deter trespassing with positive corrections.

Apply Scat Mats   

Couple consistent phrase like “I’m working” with placing cat off lap and giving them a toy instead so they learn work means play comes later.  

Use Verbal Cues  

Any quiet, calm behavior in proximity should earn tasty incentives and affectionate praise so they associate obedience with rewards.  

Praise & Treats 

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