Tips to Deter Cats From Poisonous Plants 

Mist houseplants with vinegar water. Cats dislike the scent and will avoid. Reapply after watering plants or rain. 

Vinegar Spritz  

Rub orange, lemon or lime peels around pots. You can also place peels on soil surface. Strong citrus smell deters cats.

Citrus Repels   

Relocate house plants out of reach to high shelves, hanging baskets or closed rooms cats can’t access.

Block Access 

If cats nibble certain flowers or leaves, trim those pieces so no tempting bits show.  

Remove Parts

Cover surface of potting soil tightly with sheets of foil or clear plastic wrap to block digging.

 Foil or Plastic 

Place large rocks, pinecones or sticks standing up in the dirt to obstruct cats digging in soil.   

Use Rocks  

Grow pots of cat grass like wheatgrass for cats to nibble instead. Most love the tasty shoots!

 Get Cat Grass 

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