Tips for Training Your Pup to Play

Kickstart interest having your dog lick/eat treats you stuff inside new toys.  

Use Food Motivation 

Get their attention waving and squeaking fun sounding plush/rubber toys.

Make It Exciting

Grip opposite toy end while calling dog. Reinforce gentle grabs with praise and releases with treats.

Initiate Tugging

Rolls, bounces and tosses show items are interactive. Mark returns then throw again as reward.

Fetch Fundamentals 

Saying "get your toy!" or "go play!" reminds independent play when you are occupied.  

Solo Play Cues   

Rotate novel puzzles, wobblers, chews to prevent boredom. New toys feel fresh.

Provide Options 

Playtime builds confidence and reinforces pup and owner bonds critical for well-being.

Build Bonding

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