Tips for Training Your Dog to Play with Toys 

 Stuff a toy with treats so your dog associates it with a positive experience right away.  

Make Toys Rewarding

Initiate tantalizing games of fetch, tug and chase yourself first with toys to showcase fun possibilities.  

 Play Engagingly 

Talk excitedly about a toy, adding squeaks and movement to help pique your dog's curiosity during introductions.  

Verbally Hype Toys 

Generously reward any voluntary initial paw swats, nibbles or other toy touches to encourage further interaction.

Praise Engagement

Drop a tempting toy in front of your dog then crouch down, pat the ground and bark/talk animatingly to prompt play. 

Provide Play Prompts  

 Don't make kids or adults an exciting target by playing keep-away with toys, which can encourage nipping.

 Avoid Chase Games   

Rotate a varied toy box periodically to combat habituation for sustained novelty and engagement.

Rotate Toys 

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