Tips for Training Your Dog Proper Dining

Establish human mealtimes as not dog snack sessions through consistency, environmental cues and removing rewards for pesky behavior. 

Set Clear Rules

During human mealtimes, mark and treat any dog self-regulated resting with a puzzle toy away from the table.  

Reward Calmness

Teach dogs "Go to bed/crate" using treats before meal prep signals so they learn to preemptively settle during these times.

Use Cues

 If begging starts, lead dog gently away without yelling to designated spot vs. Shooing in frustration.  

Correct Tactfully 

Ensure dogs get adequate exercise and fed beforehand so they feel less inclined to desperately beg.  

Eat Beforehand

 Even minor polite moments during dinner, praise dogs for demonstrating improved decorum.  

Highlight Progress

Take pups to outdoor cafes with pet friendly seating to expose them to real public temptation yet continue reinforcing excellent manners amid distractions.  

Doggy Dinner Outings 

Introduce Your Baby to Your Family Dog