Tips for Training Cats Basic Commands

Cat training relies on positive reinforcement and enticing treats, not punishment. Find irresistible motivators like tuna or catnip!

Use Rewards  

Cats learn slower than dogs. Brief, fun sessions prevent boredom and frustration interfering with retaining new skills.  

 Be Patient 

Tap target stick on surface or hold it up where you want cat to touch nose, click then reward at the precise moment.

Target Stick  

 Break down cues like sit and stay into small steps over multiple sessions before expecting the full sequence

Shape Behaviors   

Gradually get cat comfortable wearing harness indoors first, then clipped leash without pulling to walk outside

Harness Slowly 

Use scolding sounds, squirt bottles and double sided sticky tape to redirect cats away from counters or furniture. 

Discourage Unwanted  

Multiple cleaned boxes in quiet spots, cat attractant litters and rewards for using them potty train cats.

 Litter Boxes 

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