Tips for Soothe and Comfort a Stressed Dog

Offer access to a quiet crate, darkened room or secluded corner where dogs can retreat and hide when overwhelmed.  

Provide a Safe Space  

Natural pheromones from diffusers or spritzed bandanas have been clinically proven to relieve anxiety in dogs.

 Introduce Calming Scents

Maintaining regular schedules for meals, walks potty can lend stability and comfort amid unpredictable circumstances triggering stress.  

Stick to a Routine

Discuss veterinarian-approved chews, foods or medications to take the edge off rushes of stress hormones plaguing anxious pups.

 Explore Supplements  

 Distract a worried dog from triggers with a fun game, enjoyable chew treat or ever-interesting squirrel TV to prompt calmer reactions

Shift Their Focus  

While keeping exposures below over threshold, pair scariness with super treats so good things happen in presence of fear causes.  

Use Counterconditioning   

Praise and give yummy reinforcement for any small displays of relaxed or confident behavior in tricky situations.  

Reward Bravery   

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