Tips for Socializing Your Dog

Use the key 12-16 week puppy socialization period to positively & safely introduce them to a wide variety of normal stimuli they will encounter. 

Start Young

Always pair new sights, sounds, places & people with treats, toys & praise so your puppy builds confidence, not fear.

Positive Associations  

Seek out & allow safe, controlled exposure to many environments, floor surfaces, noises, objects, animals & people of all ages, appearances & behaviors.  

Plentiful Experiences  

Don't overwhelm your pup. Introduce new potentially scary things slowly first from a distance, never forcing interactions, respecting their comfort level.

New Things Gradually  

Continue controlled, positive socialization into adulthood on an ongoing basis. Attend training classes for continued exposure & skills.

Ongoing Socialization 

Use properly fitted collars, harnesses & leashes for physical & emotional comfort & control during socialization experiences. 

Proper Equipment  

Closely supervise all socialization, prepared to interrupt overexcitement, fear or inappropriate behavior to recondition the proper response.  

Stay Vigilant   

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