Tips for Safely Picking Up Cats  

Cats startle easily so advance openly. Let them sniff your hand first while talking gently so they recognize you.

See & Smell You 

Supporting rear under chest with one hand, keep other hand wrapped under hind legs and around back thighs.  

Secure Hindquarters  

Scoop second hand beneath front legs to lift up chest while fingers restrain shoulder region so no wiggling free.  

Lift Front Half  

Fully support all paws lifted up off ground even if the cat tries squirming away to prevent falls.

Support All Four Limbs

Bring held cat snugly against your chest for security. Helps restrain thrashing risk during short carries.  


Only handle bases of tails, scruff areas or torso. Never carry solely by extremities which causes joint and tendon tears.

Proper Holding Areas 

Don't grasps cats by neck scruffs for more than brief lift assistance to prevent choking hazards.

Avoid Restraining

Feline Heart Disease & Congestive Failure