Tips for Safe, Fun Camping with Dogs

Pack a pet first aid kit to treat cuts, rashes, upset stomachs containing gauze, tape, Benadryl, medications, tweezers for nature pokes.

First Aid Kit  

Give flea/tick medication in advance per vet instructions to protect dogs during hikes in nature and tent living quarters.  

Prevent Bugs

Set up crate, bed, bowls in shaded secured location like tent vestibules limiting wandering at night.   

Designate Areas   

Dogs should not roam camps unattended both for safety and following park rules. Keep leashed or inside.

Supervise Always  

Arrive early to let dogs adjust to new sights and sounds avoiding overexpression of fearful behavior from jump.  

 Get Acclimated 

Ease transition by mimicking daily schedules for feeding, playtime, walks and pre-bedtime wind down rituals.  

Bring Routine

 Realize excursions may overly tire senior or very young pups needing more recovery breaks to prevent illness.  

Know Limits

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