Tips for Rapidly Teaching Your Dog To Shake Hands

Physically lift your dog's paw to cue the behavior. Mark and reward each repetition.   

Use Their Paw  

Say "Shake" as you lift the paw so they associate command with action.  

Add Cue

Request alternating paws to avoid a side preference and round out the skill.  

 Alternate Hands  

Mark and reward any nose or paw movement toward your waiting palm. Capture and encourage attempt.   

Reward Positioning 

As paw lifts become consistent, use palm target but don't lift it. Let dog do the work.

Fade Lure  

Only reward sustained paw contact with palm instead of brief toe taps to build duration.   

 Increase Criteria   

Adding a visual hand signal tells your dog when to offer the shake on command.    

Use Visual Cue  

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