Tips for Preparing Your Home for a New Puppy

Remove harmful objects, secure toxic items, hide delicate belongings to protect your pup.  

Puppy Proof Your Home

Set up an enclosed, cozy crate or bed in a social central room. Stock with toys and blankets.

Sleeping Area  

Have interactive toys like chews, balls, ropes ready to stimulate your pup mentally and physically.

Buy a Variety of Toys

Assemble collar, leash, brush, nail clippers, toothbrush and shampoo for care.

Grooming Supplies

Get an ID tag engraved with your contact information before bringing puppy home.

ID Tag and Microchip  

Stock up on pet-safe cleaners for inevitable accidents during housetraining.  

Stain Remover

A monitor lets you watch your crated pup or hear alerts when you're out of sight.  

Baby Monitor

Caring Tips for Your Aging Canine Companion