Tips for Hiking with Your Dog

Search specific dog-approved parks trails that allow leashed canines with ideal easier terrain and accessible water sources.  

Dog-Friendly Paths  

Avoid hikes over 70°F first. Pack cooling gear like cooling vests, portable fans, collapsible water bowls and doggie splash pools.

Prevent Overheating 

Carry a pet first aid kit containing wound care, medications, instant cold packs and emergency contact info in case of any injuries away from home or vehicle.  

First Aid Essentials

Bring portable dog food, healthy treats and extra water accounting for intake needs over the entire duration out plus an extra supply backup margin.

Pack Nutrition & Hydration

Protect paw pads from hot sand or rough terrain with dog hiking shoes/socks. Inspect for limping, cuts or pad weariness signaling to shorten trip.  

Mind Paw Safety  

Solid leash skills are essential for safety so practice heel walking before venturing out into distracting wildlife environments.  

Practice Leash Manners   

Bond through preparatory obedience training, navigating smaller hills & trails together building trust and communication responding well when called or given commands.

Trust & Rapport   

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