Tips For Hiking Outdoors With Cats

Assess if your cat's confidence level handles new environments and people first. Nervous cats won't do well on crowded routes.  


Invest in an escape-proof cat walking jacket or harness with sturdy leash giving you good control during the unfamiliar sights and sounds.

Gear Up 

Opt for shorter, flat trails with shade and quiet to minimize sensory overload for novice hiking cats. Scope it out beforehand.  

Trail Pick

Pack backup collars, litter trowel, first aid supplies, water, treats. Bring a pet carrier too for fast safe transport if needed.


Build in stops to let curious cats wander safely off-leash, climb trees, munch cat grass. Go at their pace.  

Break Time

Condition cats to wearing a leash and jacket at home first through positive associations with treats before tackling real mountain trails.

Practice Leash 

Motivate with tasty incentives for ignoring distractions. Praise calm behavior. End outings on a positive note.  


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