Tips for Helping Your Dog Love Cuddled   

Begin with whatever touch your dog comfortably tolerates and reward to start building positive associations.  

Start Under Threshold

Coordinate pets and rubs with things your dog already finds reassuring like favorite toys and calming baby talk

 Pair with Pleasure  

If your dog recoils or moves away, don't force interactions. Pause and try again later less directly.

Respect Boundaries

Initially lure with irresistible special treats while handling so your touch predicts wonderful things.

Recruit High Value Food 

Say "Touch!" when petting so good feelings get associated with a distinct word.  

Add Cues  

Let your dog freely move toward your inviting petting hand instead of feeling trapped with cornered face-on handling.   

 Empower Choice

Ensure ears are relaxed, mouth soft, tail and body loose rather than tense during sessions.

Watch Body Language  

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