Tips for Handling Common Cat Emergencies

Don't restrain a seizing cat. Move dangerous objects away. Time the episode. Seek immediate vet treatment after.


If choking on an object, clear airway if you can do it safely. Perform cat Heimlich if needed. Go to vet.


For swelling, hives or vomiting, give Benadryl if advised by your vet while en route to clinic.

Allergic Reactions

Contact poison control and vet right away. Bring packaging of ingested product to vet. Induce vomiting only if advised.

Poison Ingestion

Use pressure on wounds with clean cloth to stop bleeding. Bandage if possible before vet visit.

Bleeding Injuries

Muzzle cat if agitated. Restrict movement of head and neck. Seek vet immediately.

Hit by Car

Muzzle if aggressive. Look for limping or abnormal activity. Seek vet assessment for fractures.

Falls from Height

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