Tips for Dealing with a Picky Eater Pet  

Combine flavors and textures by adding a bit of wet food into your pet's dry kibble.

Mix Wet + Dry Food  

Bring out aromas by microwaving wet or canned foods for a few seconds before serving.  

Warm Up Meals

Make eating mentally stimulating with interactive puzzle toys that release food as solved.

Use Puzzle Feeders

Offer set meals instead of free-feeding so your pet doesn't hold out for preferred foods.   

Feed on Schedule 

Verbally praise and offer treats when your pet finishes their main meal.  

Positive Reinforcement  

 Schedule a veterinary exam to rule out underlying medical issues for picky eating.

Vet Checkup

Consistency and preventing between-meal snacks can encourage better eating habits.   

Stick to a Routine

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