Tips for Curing Dog Separation Anxiety  

Begin leaving your dog alone for brief 2-3 minute periods, providing rewards upon return to build positive associations. 

Start Small

Ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise before being left alone to release pent-up energy and promote relaxation.

Tire Them Out   

Leave engaging chew toys or stuffed, treat-filled puzzles for your dog to help divert anxious behaviors while you’re gone.   

Distraction Toys   

Lavender, chamomile, and pheromone plug-in diffusers release calming scents to comfort dogs suffering anxiety when home alone.  

Soothing Scents  

Randomly ignore your anxious pup for 5-10 minutes while home to increase their tolerance for unpredictability and solitude.   

Practice Ignoring  

For sensitive dogs, loudly jingling keys or saying long goodbyes can contribute to separation distress.  

Departures Low Key

If your dog’s anxiety seems extreme and they injure themselves or destroy property, seek help from professional trainers.

Ask Trainers 

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