Tips For Cleaning Your Dog's Teeth At Home

Gently brushing your dog's teeth daily with a soft toothbrush and dog-safe toothpaste is the gold standard for preventing plaque buildup.

Daily Brushing   

Make toothbrushing a positive experience by rewarding cooperation with praise or treats during sessions. Go slow at first!

Get Them Used To It

Use toothpastes formulated specifically for dogs instead of human pastes to avoid stomach upset. Prioritize enzymatic formulas.

 Special Dog Toothpastes  

Chew treats with delmopinol, an anti-plaque enzyme, help scrub away bacteria. Look for VOHC approval.

 Dental Treats   

 Oral health water additives provide antimicrobial benefits with each sip. Great for supplementing other oral care. 

Add Water Additives  

Textured dental wipes scrub the tooth surface when wipes are rubbed along teeth. Use soft jerky-style motions.

Try Dental Wipes

Take your pup to the vet routinely to allow professional cleaning and evaluation for disease prevention.

Regular Checkups 

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