Tips for Cleaning Dog Ears Properly

Have cotton balls/pads, dog ear wash or 50/50 vinegar water mix, treats and a helper handy before starting ear cleaning.  


Situate dog with dirty ears in lap or on table so they don't shake solution out during cleaning process. 

Get Positioned  

Squeeze bottle to fill up dog's vertical ear canal with solution, let soak briefly then massage base of ears.

Apply Solution  

Use cotton pads to gently wipe out loosened excess wax and debris from ear canal openings.   

 Wipe Out  

After wiping, use squeeze bottle to flush remaining solution out. Cotton swabs only clean outer folds.


Gently pat inside and outer ears completely dry with clean cottons to prevent secondary infections.

Dry Thoroughly 

Give treats and praise for good behavior while restraining urge to shake during cleaning.


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