Tips for Calming Your High Energy Dog

Regularly walk, run, play fetch & take your high energy dog on long walks to mentally and physically tire them out.  


Use reward-based training to teach cues like "settle" to help your energetic dog learn to calm themselves on command.


Give interactive puzzle toys and chew toys to keep your energetic pup occupied and work out their need to play.


Provide a comfortable crate with blankets for your hyper dog to voluntarily relax and settle in when they need some alone time.  


Gently massaging your energetic dog can help relax muscles, lower heart rate and release calming hormones to make them drowsy.


Speak to your vet about calming supplements or CBD oils that may help take the edge off your high energy dog when needed.


Stick to consistent feeding, walking and playtime routines so your dog knows what to expect and avoid unpredictable energetic outbursts.  


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